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We offer manufacturing of typified pergolas, parking shelters as well as other shelters for various uses at your house or in your garden. We supply the shelters and pergolas in standard or modified dimensions, which are based on the basic dimensions according to the requirements of the customer.


  • The pergolas and shelters are made of length-jointed KVH lamellae or DUO beams
  • The lamella and beams are subsequently processed on the Hundegger K2 CNC machine. The individual elements of the pergola or shelter kit are outfitted with pins, gouges, grooves or dovetail connections.
  • CNC processing results in a kit, which you simply put together at the designated site without the need for subsequent carpentry works and then secure the joints with screws or in some other suitable manner


  • The advantage of pergolas and shelters is their shape and dimensional stability, since all the material is desiccated to a moisture content of 15±2%. Torsional deformation, changes in the dimensions of the elements or subsequent deformation of the pergola do not occur.
  • A further significant advantage is simple installation, which not only saves time but also costs
  • Within the framework of our services, we are capable of coating or brushing the surfaces of the individual pergola or shelter elements according to the requirements of the customer.

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Pergola 1

Base: 5,000 x 5,505 m

Pergola 2

Base: 5,510 x 6,160 m

Pergola 3

Base: 4,150 x 7,140 m

Pergola 4

Base: 3,000 x 4,000 m

Pergola 5

Base: 4,818 x 6,400 m

Pergola 6

Base: 2,250 x 5,750 m
External dimension: 3,450 x 6,510 m

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