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We offer comprehensive delivery that precisely matches your ideas. Thanks to the wide range of our products, various dimensions and flexibility of our manufacturing technology, we are prepared to supply you with complete construction sets for wooden structures.


  • KVH, DUO/TRIO and BSH standard beams for subsequent application of the tongue and groove system according to the dimensions of the required profile.
  • The precise dimensions of the beams are achieved by four sided planing and subsequent finishing.
  • Log house profile widths from 40 mm to 280 mm. Log house profile height from 120 mm to 260 mm (according to customer request). Desiccated to a moisture content of 12±2 %.
  • Strength class T14 (S10, C24)
  • The timber normally used is spruce (upon request also larch).
  • We offer beams in NSi industrial and Si visual quality, according to visual classification.


  • Our production line allows us to supply you with semi-finished materials (KVH, DUO/TRIO, BSH beams) of custom ordered dimensions without incessant extra lengths, which results in lower prices for you.
  • Thanks to use of a broad range of tools, we offer processing of the log house profile of various dimensions and shapes as per agreement with the customer.
  • Based on your supplied detailed project documentation or data files directly generated by software compactable with CNC (SEMA, Cadwork, Dietrich’s), we are prepared to process the products according to your specific requirements. Customers without such possibilities will get assistance in the form of good advice or a reference to our partners with project planning expertise who will prepare the necessary project documentation for us.


The majority of requested and standard dimensions can be processed and delivered, finishing and painting included, within 14 to 24 days from the time of contract signature and fulfilment of all conditions set forth in the contract. The subsequent processing deadlines are set prior to conclusion of the contract.

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m3 (for a length of 12 m) / item in the package
601x60 mm5.54 /775.44 /635.64 /565.64/ 495.44 /425.04 /355.54 /354.84 /28
80glued 2x40 mm5.28 /555.18 /455.38 /405.38 /355.18 /304.80 /255.28 /254.61/20
100*glued 2x50 mm5.28 /443.88 /275.38 /325.38 /285.18 /244.80/205.72/204.61 /16
120glued 2x60 mm 4.66 /276.45 /324.84 /214.67 /184.32 /154.75 /154.15/12
140glued 2x70 mm  5.64 /245.64 /215.44 / 185.04 /155.54 /154.84/12
160glued 4x40 mm   4.30 /144.15/123.84 /104.22 /103.69/8
180glued 3x60 mm    4.67/124.32 /104.75 /104.14/8
200glued 5x40 mm     4.80 /105.28 /104.61/8
240glued 6x40 mm     4.61/85.07/85.53/8
*It is always necessary to verify the dimensions by telephone beforehand
Apart from the above-stated standard dimensions, we are capable of manufacturing P+D beams of width 280 mm based on agreement.
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