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It is an abbreviation derived from the German name for glued laminated timber (glued laminated beam), which has already found a wide range of applications in the Czech Republic. These glued beams stand out thanks to their excellent static, aesthetic and fire-resistant features. The most commonly used timber for BSH manufacturing is Norway Spruce and European Larch.


  • Multi-layer glued laminated timber of length up to 22 m manufactured by full-surface gluing and finger joint extension of lamellae in thicknesses of 30 to 40 mm with regard to usage classes 1, 2 or 3.
  • A beam with precise dimensions achieved by four sided planing and chamfering. Desiccated to a moisture content of 12±2 % (phase 3-4 mm).
  • Timber used for BSH manufacturing is spruce and, upon request, also larch. We offer beams in two quality levels on standard basis according to the aesthetic grading:
    • NSi industrial
    • Si visual


  • We offer top quality BSH products with regard to the customer’s specific requirements.
  • The product is fully certified for the Czech Republic and the entire European Union.
  • We manufacture BSH beams in strength classes GL24 and GL28 and for 1st to 3rd class operations.
  • We offer further processing on the Hundegger K2 CNC machine and subsequent impregnation, coating. This accelerates construction work and minimises handling damage.
  • We are capable of quickly responding to non-standard requirements regarding, for instance, the visual quality or dimensions.
  • In the case of any potential changes requested by the customer to the conditions of an already signed contract, we always strive to provide a helpful response and do everything we can to satisfy the customer.
  • We care about the future. For this reason, we support sustainable forest management and are involved in the PEFC certification system through C-o-C consumer chain certification.


The majority of requested and standard dimensions can be processed and delivered within 14 days from the time of contract signature and fulfilment of all conditions set forth in the contract. The deadlines for subsequent CNC processing and/or application of coatings are determined upon conclusion of the contract according to the dimensions and complexity of the project.

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Height (mm)60**80***100120140160180200220240
12060 x 12080 x 120100 x 120120 x 120      
16060 x 16080 x 160100 x 160120 x 160140 x 160160 x 160180 x 160   
20060 x 20080 x 200100 x 200120 x 200140 x 200160 x 200180 x 200200 x 200  
24060 x 24080 x 240100 x 240120 x 240140 x 240160 x 240180 x 240200 x 240220 x 240240 x 240
28060 x 28080 x 280100 x 280120 x 280140 x 280160 x 280180 x 280200 x 280220 x 280240 x 280
32060 x 32080 x 320100 x 320120 x 320140 x 320160 x 320180 x 320200 x 320220 x 320240 x 320
36060 x 36080 x 360100 x 360120 x 360140 x 360160 x 360180 x 360200 x 360220 x 360240 x 360
40060 x 40080 x 400100 x 400120 x 400140 x 400160 x 400180 x 400200 x 400220 x 400240 x 400
up to 1000* 
*as per agreement
**we are capable of manufacturing beams of width 60 mm as ripped beams from an initial width of 140 mm
***we are capable of manufacturing beams of width 80 mm as ripped beams from an initial width of 180 mm
Apart from the above-stated standard dimensions, we are capable of manufacturing beams in arbitrary sizes (in widths from 60 to 240 mm and heights from 100 to 1,000 mm)
Basic characteristics of the BSH construction timber
Moisture of wood12 % ± 2 %
Strength class GL 24hGL 28h
density [kg/m3]ρk385425
Characteristic strength values [N/mm2]
bending strengthf m,k2428
tensile strength parallel to the fibresf t,0,k19.222.4
tensile strength perpendicular to the fibresf t,90,k0.5
compressive strength parallel to the fibresf c,0,k2428
compressive strength perpendicular to the fibresf c,90,k2.5
shear strengthf v,k3.5
Characteristic stiffness values [kN/mm2]
average value of the modulus of elasticity in parallel to the fibresE 0,mean11.512.6
5% quantile of the modulus of elasticity perpendicular to the fibresE 0.059.610.5
average value of the modulus of elasticity perpendicular to the fibresE 90,mean0.30.3
average value of the shear modulus of elasticityG mean0.650.65

BSH is suitable in all places with a requirement for higher static load as compared with construction timber. It also excels thanks to its excellent dimensional stability and aesthetic qualities. For this reason, it is used in the supporting sections of the rafters, also as supporting trusses for hall structures, bridges, various lintels and pergolas.

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